What Our Clients Say

- Arianna Azzaro. Student

"I met Karen five months ago, she was the first person who took care of me when I arrived in Ireland. She introduced to me my host mother and she told me that I could call her every time if I had any kind of problem. She is a perfect coordinator, she always looks after me and she is always present if I need her. She is very helpful in organizing transport to and from school, organizing trips and also organizing accomodation for my parents who are coming to visit Ireland in February."

-Arthur Glaser Student

"Hi I'm Arthur a German student that has lived in cobh for 5 months. I've wanted to write something about my local coordinator Laura. I want to start with all the good things that Laura has made possible for me. I couldn't think of a better host family. It was all I could have wished for and more. I always felt comfortable around them and any time there was problem they solved it in no time. The first month was hard, only because I could barely understand my hostfather's Irish accent but it's quite easy now. I always felt like I could ask my host parents and Laura for help in any situation. It seemed to me like Laura always could, even in a very chaotic situation, keep a clear head and do what needed to be done. I have 9 days to go and I'm both happy and sad about my stay here ending. There are actually no bad things."

-Jana Switzerland Student

"While I have been in Ireland, Laura has been a great local coordinater. She used to organise special events for all her exchange students for example going bowling. In addition to this, all her exchange students were welcome to share their problems with Laura and she helped us to find a solution. Anyone feeling homesick, lonely or bored was welcome to meet up with her. It has been due to Karen and Laura , that I was able to spend a wonderful school year in Ireland. My host family was fantastic as well as the support of Laura I experienced throughout the year."

- Eric Lo Student

"Hi my name is Eric. I am from Taiwan. I am in Ireland for two years long and attend Midleton College.. And my coordinator,Karen, She is a very nice person and a bit funny. She treat every student like her daughter and son . and we love her too . For me she is just like my friend. and she is my friend. Sometime when i got some annoyance she always sort it out for me ! And the family she found for me they are very kind to me and for me personal view I very like my family and I think this family really suit me . I'm very happy with my family and my favorite coordinator."

-Delvina Morina Student

"Karen is a very outgoing and wonderful person! I can tell you, that you'll never find a better person in organizing than Karen. If it's only for a trip to Cork or to coordinate a student from another country to a family in Ireland. She is able to think ahead and knows exactly what she does and what she wants. I experienced Karen Allister as a very mature and an uncomplicated person, what made me feel very secure during my year in Ireland. If there were any problems, she came up with lots of ways how to slow the problem. I was and still am very happy with my hostfamily and I'm very glad to have had the chance to meet her and my hostfamliy. She does a very good job and has experienced and achieved a lot in her life. If it's only cooking, she does it with passion, if it's looking after students from all over the world, I guarantee she does it also with passion and knowledge!"

-Dianne Freeman Host Familiy

I have known Karen Allister since she was 14 years old as a friend of my daughter .She stayed in my home many times over her teenage years and i found her to be a really good friend to my daughter and still is. Last year I decided to host a student and took one from Karen for a whole school year with Karen as my co-ordinator. She was very helpful to me and my student. She was always there when I or my student needed her. Nothing was too much trouble for her, however small the problem and she was really efficient in all she did for us . She welcomed all the students to her home whenever they wanted to call, and arranged things for them to do as a group or individually ie. bowling ,horse riding, swimming even trips away and when the younger ones could not go unless they were accompanied She would give up her time and go with them .I felt she had a true duty of care to these students. She is always off to visit or say hi to one of the students, to help organise trips etc for them and to see the host families to ensure all is ok.

- Martina Fogarty Host Familiy

I, Martina Fogarty have known Karen Allister for the last number of years and has acted as a host for her. On application, I had several interviews and Garda Vetting. Karen gave me a student for four weeks to see if I enjoyed it which I knew I would as I had hosted students for many years before. One student in particular I had which went to Midleton College was Marie Tatta. Karen organised all transport to and from the college and had regular meetings with the principal Simon with updates on her progress. Before students arrive, Karen will do her utmost in matching students to the correct family, i.e. similarites between students and families with regard to interests to both parties. On arrival of the students, Karen hosts a meeting for all to ensure that both students and host families understand rules and regulations, and informs all of facilities and amenities in their local area including registration at school, obtaining uniforms and books which makes the transition easier for all involved. I have found Karen to be a very honest, trustworthy and organised person and goes way beyond the call of duty with regard to her students and host families. She meets with us i.e. host families and her students regularly to make sure individually that we are happy and helps solve any small issues that might arise from time to time, i.e. trips away, travelling home for Christmas etc. I would highly recommend ABC English Language School and if you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact them.

-Mrs. S Carroll. Host Familiy

I found Karen Allister to be very professional from the outset as a company. Karen is very particular when it comes to matching students with a host family, ensuring that all of the students requirements are met on an on going basis. Karen is vigilantly in contact with both family and student to ensure that their stay is kept at the highest standard possible. Currently we have Heather Greaves staying with us . She is a sixth year pupil at Midleton College. Heather is practically one of the family now and she is a delight to have in our home. I have no hesitation in recommending ABC English Language School.

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