Private schools

Private schools in Ireland

Private schools are a great opportunity for academic students.
These schools offer an outstanding support on an academic level, but also on a personal level. They support and strengthen their students’ academic potential and offer a large variety of extra-curriculum activities.

Extra-curriculum activities:

Sports Activities
• Rugby
•Hockey (girls/boys)
• Soccer
• Cricket
• Athletics
• Orienteering
• Tennis
• Swimming
• Golf
• Equestrian Sports
and more…

Other Organised Activities

•Science/Coding Club
• Drama
• Music
• Choir
• Debating
• Cultural Tours
• Quizzes
• Work Experience
• Community/Charity Service
• Gaisce
• Field Trips
• Production of School Magazine and Newsletters
• First Aid among others

Different options to experience private schools:

– Day student (Host Family stay 7 days a week)
– 5 day boarder (Host family stay for weekends, holidays and shut downs)
– 7 day boarder (Host family stay for holidays and shut downs)
*1rst to 3rd year can only board 5 days a week*

– Day Student – €17,100
– 5 day boarder – € 22,100
– 7 day boarder – € 21,800

*Please note if you do not require a Host family for Midterm break, Easter, Half Term break for 5 & 7 day Boarders then the price will be adjusted accordingly. *

Price includes:

– Airport Transfer on arrival
– Host Family allowance, all host families are police checked (Garda Vetted) for day boarder, 5 day boarder or 7 day boarder
– Textbooks, Stationery, Personal accident Insurance, First Aid and Locker
– School Uniform, 3 Shirts, 1 Trousers/Skirt, Blazer/ School Jacket, 1 Jumper and Tie
– Coordinator fee
– Airport Transfer on Departure

Please note the price does not include any travel expenses should the student wish to go home for a visit at any stage during the academic programme.*
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