Price List public schools 2023

4 months stay – 8,250 euro
5 months stay – 9,300 euro
7 months stay – 10,950 euro
9 months stay – 12,850 euro

Please note these fees are for public schools.
Private school fees available under “private school”.

Our arrivals and departure dates for 2023/2024

Arrivals: September 1st 2023
4 months students and Christmas holiday departures: December 22nd 2023
New January student arrivals and returns from their christmas holidays: January 5th 2024
5 months student departure: January 26th 2024
7 months student departure: March 22nd 2024
9 months students and all other departure: May 31st 2024

Our arrival and departure dates for 2022/2023:

Arrivals August 29th 2022
3 month students departure November 29th 2022
4 month students and Christmas holiday departures December 19th 2022
New arrivals and returns from their christmas holidays January 3rd 2023
5 month students departure January 29th 2023
7 month students departure April 1st 2023
All departures May 29th 2023

Price includes

– Airport Transfer on arrival – on 2 agreed dates

– Host Family allowance, all host families are police checked (Garda Vetted)

– School Registration, includes lockers and insurance

– School Book rental

– School Uniform, 2 shirts, 1 Trousers, 1 Jumper, 1 Tie

– Coordinator fee. 24/7 Support in person and on the phone for the student.

– Airport Transfer on Departure – on 2 agreed dates (Students who stay longer than their due departure from the programme will incur an extra cost of €30 a night).

Please note the price does not include any travel expenses should the student wish to go home for a visit at any stage during the academic programme.
Any arrival and departures incurred outside the agreed dates will be at the cost of the organisation/student. This cost can be taken from the refund of an early returnee.
Also, some locations especially the city schools require bus/ train short journeys. This is payable by the student as and when they require it.

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