Irish Weather

You probably heard that it always rains in Ireland, which is not entirely true. Yes, it does rain often, hence why we have our beautifully green scenery, yet we do get sun here too. Irelands climate can be described as mild, moist, and changeable with abundant rainfall and a lack of temperature extremes. This leads to our summers being generally warm (roughly 12 to 20 degrees) and our winters being mild (roughly 4 to 10 degrees).These temperatures can be lower or higher, depending on where you are in the Country.

Some students take a small bit of time adjusting to our weather, due to them being used to a much warmer climates.
Ireland is the most beautiful and breath-taking country when the sun is out and it is the most mesmerising and fascinating place, when the wind is howling outside, and waves are hitting our shorelines with no mercy. Come over to create your own Ireland experience!

Monday, 16
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Getting to Ireland

All our students arrive by air.
The main airports are Cork, Kerry and Dublin.
Our students will be greeted by one of our chaperones at the airport and will be brought to their host families by bus or car.
To reduce travel times, it is advised to fly into an airport that is close to the student’s destination (host family home), if possible.

What to do in Ireland

Besides exploring Irelands nature, there are other activities our students can do in their spare time:

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