Host Family Application Form

Host Family Application Form

Please complete all information or form will not be accepted
Host Parent Details:
Host Mothers Details
Host Father Details
Host Children Details
Please write a brief description of your home:
Please include some photos of your family and home with your application.

Safety Statement

All questions have been answered truthfully and there is no reason why my family or I should not be considered suitable to host a foreign visitor, and particular young people under the age of 18.

GDPR Declaration

As an ABC English Language School host family,I understand the personal data shared with me (by way of application form/dossier and including photos) can only be for the specific purpose of arranging a homestay and/or school placement. At all times I agree to store and limit access to this information in accordance with the ABC English Language School Privacy Policy.

I understand this is a requirement under the general data protection regulation (GDPR).

I agree to delete/ destroy the personal data (application form/ dossier/ photos) at the end of stay of the student/participant or when the host family no longer continues to host on behalf of ABC English Language School.

I understand failure to protect personal data may result in claim for compensation against ABC English Language School and/or against me as Host Family. If personal data in my possession is stolen or lost, I commit to immediately informing ABC English Language School.

This declaration is valid for any personal data collected by me or shared with me for the calendar year 2022– 2023.

For Local Coordinator use only

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